Welcome to District 28 of America's Boating Club

We are America’s Boating Club, District 28.  We are a non-profit boating organization devoted to safe boating through education.  Our members consist of enthusiastic sailors and power boaters.  Our national organization,  America’s Boating Club, meets the needs of all boaters, both power and sail, big and small, by providing public boating education courses to all current or prospective boaters; and by offering advanced boating education and fraternal boating to their members. It is the squadrons who conduct the public boating courses and are the real heart of the USPS organization. Click here for more about America’s Boating Club

2020 Bridge

Commander:  D/C Barry Bean, JN-CN
Executive  Officer:  Allan Bombard, JN
Educational Officer:  Shawn Goit JN-ON
Administrative Officer:  Doug Bass, SN
Secretary:  Sue Ann Bean, AP
Treasurer: D/Lt/C Debra Tucker, S

2021 Bridge – Nominees

Commander:  D/C Barry Bean, JN-CN
Executive Officer:  Allan Bombard, JN
Educational Officer: D/Lt/C Shawn Goit, JN-ON
Administrative Officer:  Doug Bass, SN
Secretary:  Sue Ann Bean, AP
Treasurer: D/Lt/C Debra Tucker, S

Here is District 28’s
latest newsletter – Lead Line:

District 28 Flag

District 28,whose flag is shown below, is one of the 31 districts of America’s Boating Club. It is made up of four active squadrons, located in Southern California and Arizona.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.44.41 PM

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Bridge: Uniform G –Regulation short-sleeve white shirt with uniform trousers or other appropriate attire.  

Attendees: USPS Polo shirt or equivalent.

MARCH 6th Saturday evening Conference call via Zoom

ZOOM Meeting Info
Meeting ID: 822 4874 1743
C/C Mary Paige Abbott, SN-IN


1730 Happy Hour Social and log on

1800 Call meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of USA led by P/D/C Bill Johnson, SN

Moment of silence

Invocation P/D/C Duane O. Leathers, AP

Introduction: C/C Mary Paige, SN-IN, P/D/C for District 28, Squadron Commanders and Bridge Officers

1810 Welcome Message- D/C Barry Bean, JN-CN

1814 Madame Secretary to address status of a quorum

Approval of minutes from
District Spring Conference in San Diego CA 2020.

1815 Chief’s Message presented by C/C Mary Paige, SN-IN

1830 Reports from committees.   Rules, Nomination, Planning and 2021/2022 budget.

1845 Spring Conference 2022 planning D/XO Alan Bombard, JN

1900 Reports from Commanders from Balboa, Phoenix, San Luis Rey and San Diego Squadron

1930 District Bridge final reports

1945 Nomination final

2000 Presentation of Awards

Dismiss the 2020/2021 Bridge.  Swear in New Bridge 2021-2022

D/C Barry Bean, JN-CN comments to the bridge / Closing comments

2045 Adjournment 


Map of District 28 Squadrons

The mission of the America’s Boating Club is to promote recreational Boating Safety through education and civic activities while providing fellowship for our members.

All AB Club Squadron Members in Arizona and Southern California are automatically members of the AB Club District 28.  Our members are boating families who contribute to their communities by promoting safe boating through education.  All of our squadrons offer boating safety classes and seminars to the public and a rich series of Advanced and subject specific courses to the members, on the water and in the classroom.

District 28 Policies and Procedures

Approved as of Spring Conference 2020

District 28 Bylaws

Approved 11-23-2014


The Lead Line is the official publication of District 28 and is published twice a year, in February and August. Articles may be submitted to the Editor, D/Lt Jill Powell, AP. The last 3 years are listed below. If you are interested in seeing older issues please email D/Lt Jill Powell, AP.


Spring – 2021
District 28 Conference

6- March-2021, 5:30 PM VIRTUAL

See home page for details

National Meeting – Virtual
February 15-26

How to Connect:

Go to FreeConferenceCall.com 10 minutes before the meeting date and time.

Enter meeting ID USPSABC for ALL meetings on the agenda


Our District Commander and five Lieutenant Commanders are collectively known as the District Bridge. They are supported by a large number of officers and committees leading every aspect of our operation. To see a list of these committees click here. The District serves as the link between USPS and our local squadrons. It serves as a resource to the squadron leadership by providing information and guidance to the squadron officers and committees. It also provides feedback to the national organization about items of concern to the squadrons. Each squadron officer has a district counterpart who can provide information and answer questions.

Commander D/C Barry Bean, JN
Allan Bombard
Executive Officer D/Lt/C Allan T. Bombard, JN
Education Officer P/D/C Shawn Goit JN-ON
Secretary D/Lt/C Sue Ann Bean
Administrative Officer D/Lt/C Doug Bass
Treasurer D/Lt/C Debra Tucker